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Private Coachings and Workshops

Private coachings offered specializing in:

  • German Lieder and Arias

  • English, German, French and Italian diction

  • Monologue and Scene Studies

  • Character Development and Interpretation

  • Script Breakdown and Analysis

  • Improvisation

  • Role Preparation

  • Audition Preparation

  • Career Guidance


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Acting for Opera Singers Workshop

Developed exclusively for Opera singers and voice students, this 3-week-intensive focuses on creating a new Mind-Body connection to yourself, your character and your voice. Utilizing fundamental acting principles, body language exercises and improvisation (including singing improv with piano accompaniment and monologue work), the workshop will concentrate on each performer’s unique potential as a singer-actor while striving to develop the physical, vocal, emotional, and intellectual skills that enable the performer to work freely, joyfully and convincingly, also in a foreign language.

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"I booked two voice over [jobs] since working with Dietlinde!! She has taught me how not to "act" and be so big. I just try to be truthful"

Jessica Bailey - New York based actor and dancer

"I knew upon first meeting Dietlinde that it was the beginning of both a wonderful mentorship and friendship. Her warmth and openness as a person, artist, and coach create a supremely safe environment to fearlessly delve into material no matter the genre to experiment and create a more complete, complex, and honest character. Her wealth of knowledge of both spoken and sung word has been absolutely invaluable to me. Our work on German opera characters such as Königin der Nacht from Mozart's Die Zauberflöte and Zerbinetta from Strauss' Ariadne auf Naxos has added more depth to each character than I ever could have imagined. Working on diction, text painting, as well as acquiring a better understanding of the "german flavor" has allowed me to breathe new life, and authenticity into each of these charactersAs I prepared for my audition for The New York City Opera's production of Candide, I went to Dietlinde to work on my scene work for Cunegonde, which I am confident brought about my eventual debut with the company months later.In the midst our coachings, I have also found her career advice, drawn from her own experiences as a successful actress, to be as invaluable as the technique she imparts. Having Dietlinde's support as a young artist is a blessing and an absolute privilege!"

Meghan Picerno - New York based Soprano and Cunegonde in Candide, directed by Tony winner Hal Prince

"Mrs. Dietlinde is more than a great artist. She is an inspirational mentor and a wonderful friend that encourages me to grow personally and professionally. She has broadened my thoughts and knowledge in music interpretation than ever before. With her extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in the field, she helped me to fully express my thoughts and emotions in performances.


With her ability to accentuate the graceful lyrics, each word comes to life and create its own and unique harmony. Moreover, her diverse and extensive knowledge in the field of language, arts and teaching makes each class an interesting journey. She is a historian and a true artist of our era. Her superb creativity and ability to pass that knowledge to others will be an essential stepping stone to future generations."


Junghwa Park - PhD Student at Rutgers University, Soprano

"Working with Ms. Turban Maazel has been one of the most valuable experiences to me as a singer. Her understanding of language, text and acting is instrumental in cleaning up my diction and helping me communicate the subtle nuances and meanings of the text and character.


In one session Ms. Turban Maazel helped me find a totally new placement for my Ah vowel.  It has completely changed the way my voice is lined up, top to bottom. I’m very excited about it!


I highly recommend working with Ms. Turban Maazel to any singer who wants to improve their understanding of the language text and character in an aria or role. She is a great teacher and wonderful artist!”


Sarah Philippa Greenspan - Masters of Music, New York based opera singer and Castleton Alumna

"To say that the lesson was a revelation, is an understatement. Dietlinde's knowledge of the music and text, coupled with her culturally rich background, blows away my previous concept and interpretation of the pieces.


The lesson compels my imagination to exuberantly explore, and thoroughly appreciate, the music. It was one of the most valuable lessons I've received as a conductor."


Kyunghun Kim - Masters in Orchestral Conducting from Juillard, Curtis, New York based Conductor

"I have always carried this burning desire to tap into another level of performing, whether it be spoken dialogue in opera, reciting monologues for auditions, and being an actor in every sense of the word on the operatic and theatrical stage. Although, I have always thought that I was better at singing than speaking, not to mention the idea of reciting a monologue in front of all of my colleagues terrified me the most. All it took to break a barrier was my right hand timidly in the air to volunteer and an encouraging nature from Dietlinde to grant me the freedom to explore and think without measure. I surprised myself and let go in the process, realizing that all vulnerability is is strength lit with an olympic torch. I am very thankful for the time I had with Dietlinde at Highlands Opera Studio. Her wisdom and attention to every word that is spoken or sung is inspirationally priceless. I look forward to working with her in the very near future."

Danielle MacMillan - Toronto based Mezzo Soprano

Feedback from her Rutgers University Course "Acting for Singers"

It truly is one of my most favorite classes I have ever taken in my undergraduate career so far. It brings out many, if not, all of our sides and personalities and the environment you create makes it comforting for us to do so. It is not only fun but very productive; I have grown the most in this class- a class where there was no textbook or numerous page readings or extensive writing involved- than I have in any other class.


Exercises were really helpful and geared towards opera. The class was intimate and we established a very good group dynamic since the start


Every time of the class was used efficiently. (Professor Turban Maazel) was so encouraging and creative in helping the students.


The professor taught a wealth of information and ideas--more than the course had time for! I learned a great deal, and the teaching was excellent and effective.


This course was absolutely perfect.

This was my favorite class.


I wish this was a yearly class so that we could keep working with Prof. (Turban) Maazel. Private coaching with Prof. (Turban) Maazel would also be very helpful in order to keep mastering pue acting technique, which is so necessary for opera singers nowadays.

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