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La Voix Humaine - by Jean Cocteau

Presented by Castleton Festival - July 2013


Staring Dietlinde Turban Maazel as "Elle"


A woman alone in her bedroom. Awaiting, then receiving a phone call from her lover of five years who has recently left her and is to marry another woman the following day. This is the last time they will speak to each other. During the conversation, we learn that the woman has attempted suicide.


With the use of the telephone as a replacement for the physical presence of the woman’s lover, Cocteau draws attention to mediated acts of communication and the inexorable gaps between human beings. Wires are crossed, lines brake down, truths are twisted and words misinterpreted in a desperate effort to connect -- strangely poignant in our contemporary world of pervasive cell phones, e-mail and Facebook.

"…we talk, we talk, it never occurs to us that we’ll have to stop talking,

hang up and return to the emptiness, the darkness…"


"Why delude ourselves?  When people could see each other, they could win over those they loved by a kiss, with a caress, an embrace. A look could change everything. But with this machine, what’s finished is finished.”


Directed by: Maria Tucci

Assistant Director: Tara Maazel

Scene & Costume Designer: François-Pierre Couture

Video Director: Michael Philip Davis

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